the founding human(s) of a humandoctor

Francesca Decker, M.D./M.P.H.: This website is my first foray into blogging and social commentary.  At the birth of the site, I had just completed my chief year in family medicine at the University of Rochester in upstate New York, and my husband and I had moved closer to our families, near Ithaca and Binghamton.  I was taking a pause from practicing clinical medicine in order to spend time with and help care for my mom, and to reassess my direction.  My family is a huge part of the site, and so I want to give them credit for their roles in supporting me, encouraging me, and advising me.

Jarred Johnson, M.D.:  My phenomenal husband and hospitalist extraordinaire.  We have been partners since the first months of medical school, in 2007, and have been married since 2013.  He is smart, funny, and an outstanding cook.  Also the smooth sea to my whirlwind.

Nina and Ruben Rogers: aka Mom and Pop.  My mom married Ruben when I was four years old and the three of us lived together on the same property where Jarred and I moved to help out.  Mom trained, bred and showed Morgan horses, and Pop is a civil engineer and contract lawyer in construction.  Mom died March 11, 2016 from a rare and progressive neurologic disease called multiple system atrophy.  Our journey fighting this together makes up much of the "daughter" section of this blog.  Mom was and Pop is a determined self-sufficiency advocate and their lifestyle has reflected this beautifully.

John Decker and Noriko Oyama: My dad has a PhD in medical ethics and education, and a Master's in Neuroendocrinology. He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about our health care system and its challenges. His wife, Noriko, is a calming balance to his energy, full of love and wisdom, and a phenomenal cook (this is a theme because food is really important to all of us).  The summer of 2015, Jarred and I spent two weeks with them in Okinawa to celebrate their marriage.


Thank you also to:

Felicia Williams, Tyler Poole, Katie Bowers, Liz Brenna and Leah Haas for your support and technical advice in building this site!

And to Laura McCollum, Lauren, Rachel and Juliana Cardillo, Lauren Cahoon, Linda Haas and Natercia Rodrigues for your support and thoughts about its name and content.